The Moon - What Lurks In Life's Shadows For You Right Now?

If life's hidden dangers are the hazards we fear most, then the Tаrоt card best representing them is The Moon. In many popular decks, a scorpion is shown creeping out of a stream before closing in on a pair of young pups, who are depicted barking haplessly at a grim-faced lunar orb. They have completely failed to spot the real threat, and may not do so until it's too late - precisely the warning this card contains for all of us!

So when The Moon shows up in your Tаrоt reading, it's telling you to watch out - to be careful! A few of the situations it could refer to include:

Double-dealing acquaintances
Colleagues letting you down
Offers that are simply too good to be true!
Agreements containing dodgy small print
As with all the cards in any Tаrоt reading, you need to keep in mind who or what a particular card is referencing, but if The Moon refers to you or yours, then you really need to wake up and smell the coffee! Check that your feet are firmly on the ground, and that you're not simply letting your emotions (or imagination) run wild.

Because under this influence, it's far too easy to get carried away by a spirit of adventure you'd otherwise overcome, and this can lead you towards both people and places that might be anything but good for you.

In fact, try and avoid getting involved with anything new under this influence; just try to follow your basic routine, muddle along as best you can, and be sure to keep a wary eye out the whole time for those unexpected pitfalls that are certain to show up.

And whilst you'll be smart to resist any urges to act on impulse, it's still worth paying close attention to your dreams. Because under The Moon's cool glow, they may prove surprisingly revealing!

Another positive influence from this card is that it encourages you to enquire what can come from situations, whether for good or bad. So thinking (and dreaming) under The Moon can be great, just so long as you don't try to impulsively follow through! Additionally, it can betray a yearning for fulfilment; especially concerning family matters. Again, it's worth remembering this is definitely not a good place from which to make decisions that might have far-reaching consequences.

So is the 18th card from Tarot's greater arcana really such a terrible influence? Au contraire, in it's own unique way, it can be a great one! And that's when it's totally on your side, warning you to look out, be on your guard, and avoid doing anything dumb while it's around. And personally, I can't think of anything friendlier than that!