Psychic Source - How to Get an Affordable Psychic Reading By Phone (No Cheating)

Q: What is the easiest way to get a real, legitimate and accurate psychic reading in 2103? Do you still need to visit a local tаrоt card stand, or visit a psychic fair or make an appointment to see a high priced celebrity psychic or medium? Or is there NOW a better way? Are phone services like Psychic Source, Live Person and other omnipresent psychic services a better alternative... or are they too expensive to try?

A: The truth is, as a long time publisher and spiritual seeker in the new age, paranormal and psychic niches, I had long been a skeptic of ANY type of spiritual reading that was done by phone, email or online at all. It's only been in the last 5 or 6 years that I've personally come around and realized that spending weeks (or months) waiting for a celebrity psychic or medium, or spending BIG bucks to get a 30 minute session with a famous reader was WAY over-rated, especially with so many easier and more affordable alternatives right in front of my nose.

What changed my own mind about telephone and "chat" based psychic services?

I had a pretty well documented experience with a famous TV "medium" who cost me well over $1000 to see, and pretty much seemed 100% disinterested in both me... and my feedback during the session. (I had waited 3 months + for the reading, and had traveled hundreds of miles from home to get it... and had given this particular medium tons and tons of free publicity as well, by writing about her in my newsletter which was read by thousands every week)

The feedback from my own readership was that FAR better readings were available either locally... or by phone services of different types, something I had pretty much frowned upon up to that point.

Since then, I've had an amazing array of incredibly accurate psychic experiences of ALL types by phone, chat and even email (something I still don't 100% trust, but I've tried with success) and for prices that are a fraction of what I used to regularly pay.

(my favorite reading of all time cost about $18 and literally blew my mind!)

That said - here are a few rules for picking a phone psychic service WITHOUT getting scammed, over-charged or ripped off by less than honest readers:

Do your own due diligence. Look for reputable phone services that have been around for a while and have clearly defined price points and services.

DON'T buy psychic readings that sound too good to be true... or that have very murky, unclear terms of service. (I'd rather pay MORE and know exactly what I'm getting... than get snookered into some sort of bait and switch style offer that sounded GREAT... but a bit fishy going in)

Do stick to a budget before you begin. (and DON'T deviate from it - you can always call back and make a new appointment) Today, in 2013... there are several well known and highly respected services that will give you a trial run reading for as low as $10, and many more that are only incrementally more.

DON'T respond to psychics who contact YOU off of forums, or unsolicited email, or off of public classified sites like Craigslist.

Do write down a list of questions before you call. (and DO pick a psychic service that has a wide variety of readers that meet specifically with your needs - e.g. - love readings and spiritual mediums are very different types of experiences, make sure you get a specialty psychic rather than a generalist for best results)

DO enjoy yourself, and do remember that an amazing psychic reading is as much about being inspired, as it is about being informed. (and look for readers who will help YOU live your best life in an empowering way, rather than those who just "dump" information on you that is cool to hear... but won't help you live the life you LOVE!)

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