Letting Go and Trusting Your Intuition

Interpreting the cards seems to be the one aspect of Tаrоt that people tend to worry the most about. This is the one area that they usually lack confidence in their abilities to discern the meaning of the associated cards and the overall general message behind the reading.

Tаrоt is more than just reading cards to glimpse into the future. They are a tool that teaches more than just how to interpret images and symbols. They guide us on a journey within ourselves, as well as, assist us in building our confidence, enhancing our intuition and increasing our ability to decipher signs, symbols and patterns.

One of the biggest benefits that I have found is how much the Tаrоt actually can teach us. Truly it is as deep as you choose to take it in your individual quest for understanding the world around you; but keep in mind, everything around you is a reflection of what is going on within you. These elements and influences will be present in the cards that you choose; so pay attention to everything that is going on around and within yourself on many levels. Especially, paying close attention to your thoughts and emotions as these too will show themselves within the cards presented as wands or cups.

Sometimes we may try asking the same question in a different way but the cards still give us the same result which can be confusing and offer little help in understanding the answer. When this happens, often times I find that we tend to already know the answer we are second-guessing ourselves and looking for validation of what we already are aware of. Respectfully, that points you back to yourself to discern the answer or in that instance, to further evaluate your intuitive impressions because the answers are already within us we just have to tap into them.

That is where Tаrоt teaches us to become empowered and aware of our abilities, talents and strengths. It helps us to tap into universal understanding and wisdom that is within our subconscious mind that already knows the meaning of the symbols, images, signs and patterns going on within your life on every possible level. It helps assist us in the process of self-awareness and getting in touch with who we truly are, what our gifts and abilities are that can help others in a positive way, as well as, how to make the most of those talents in a productive and beneficial way.

Part of getting in touch with one's self is about learning how to trust and have faith in yourself. Don't allow yourself to be deterred because someone else may not agree with your impression or interpretation. We are all each receptive to information the way that we best can identify with it. Sometimes despite other's opinions, we have to be our own cheerleader and know that we feel the way we do for a reason; as well as, interpret things in a way that we can best derive meaning from.

Know that in some way the cards that are picked are a direct result of how best you will be receptive to the information. What you need to know will be revealed, you just have to pay attention to what your intuition and inner voice is telling you. My best advice on this subject is to have faith and trust in yourself to discern the information accurately and don't second-guess yourself despite what the books may tell you the meanings are. The books are a reflection of the author's opinion, as to why each Tаrоt book has the same basic principle meanings with an added twist for each one because our opinions and viewpoints vary in various degrees from other individuals but that doesn't necessarily mean one is right and the other is wrong. It just simply is the best way we can comprehend and be receptive to information and discern understanding.