A Psychic Reading From A Sceptic's Viewpoint

I used to be a sceptic for several years. Over the years I visited a few psychic readers who didn't know each other, and they also didn't know that I was consulting anyone else. In fact I didn't give any information which could lead them at all to cold reading me and knowing about my life. I was careful and I was a ground in the mud sceptic.

I reasoned that if the psychic genre was for real, then the information given by each of them would be significantly similar. Psychic information must come from somewhere and it also must come from a constant source if it is to be of any value.

One of the 3 psychics I consulted, Ken, was living several hundred miles from where I lived. He never saw me, he just did a remote reading and sent me the tape, the two other psychics lives close by. I approached each of them the same way. I would ask them for a reading and give them nothing at all except my name.

To the 2 psychic whom I sat with I gave no response until the reading had finished. When all tapes were in, I compared them and found that approximately 80% of each reading cross matched with the others.

Slowly I began to trust, but what in? I kept asking myself, how does this work. There are many theories about the source of psychic information.

Tаrоt readers speak about the wisdom in the cards, while others say they can read the Akashic Records, which are said to be cosmic information banks that contain everything about us, including the past, present and future.

Mediums speak of their connection to spirit guides, or beings who have lived lives similar to ours many times and graduated from the earth plane.

Others read rune stones, and the IChing. There seems to be many psychic methods of reading as there are psychics.

Christians say these techniques are occult, primitive and hint that the information comes from Satan, the devil, evil angels, tricksters and the anti-Christ.

In my view genuine psychics have the same abilities yet they are called skills.

Yet they quote from an inspired book, the Bible. As a child I often asked church elders to tell me who wrote the bible and they always told me that God communicated to people through inspiration, direct voice, visual signs or by hearing the word which is clairaudience. In fact Jesus was a medium and healer and so very spiritual in that respect.

If mediumship was evil then I reasoned, it wouldn't be of help and comfort to so many people in the world. You wouldn't have spiritualist mediums travelling across the country for no payment to stand on platform giving messages to audience members without any fanfare and media approval.