The Mobile Psychic

In my local area I have become known as the mobile psychic and this is because I often do my readings in my Motorhome. It can be used for parties where I have groups of people coming to me for readings. I park up on their drive and one by one they come out for a private consultation with me.

I try to encourage people to have their readings in my Motorhome rather than inviting them to my house or me going to them. This gives us some mutually convenient location and I don't have to tidy up my home and neither do they. We can be somewhere that we are not likely to be interrupted and remain safe and comfortable.

The Motorhome is an added topic of interest and conversation and people feel comfortable in there. I can see their eyes wandering around the van as they sit there and we talk about the kind of reading that they would like. The energy is contained within this Motorhome and I get some very strong vibes in this way.

The advantage of my motorhome is that I can take it anywhere and often people ring me from rural locations. I can park up on a cliff overlooking the sea and invite a client to come in and have a reading with me. This adds to their relaxation and therefore it impacts in a positive way on the reading.

My Motorhome is my escape and my sanctuary where I can get away and park up and enjoy a change of scenery. I work from home mostly and so the opportunity to take my work and my laptop out in my Motorhome appeals to me. I have regular haunts that I go to and I am often parked up right next to the Ice Cream van.

I can put some new age music on in the van and sit back or lay back and relax and do some meditation. I can cook up a snack, and take cold drinks out of the fridge and I even have a shower and a loo. I could not imagine my life without my Motorhome as we have been on many an adventure.

I did get it stuck once on my way to a reading when I attempted to turn around and entered a soggy piece of grassland. It was a defining moment when I realized how quickly things can change. I had to call out the breakdown service and it took him quite some time to pull my van out of there.

I was on my way to a psychic party and I knew how important it was to do this event as it was this lady's birthday. I contacted them and told them I might be late and they were very good as I did arrive an hour later than arranged. I was able to put all that stress behind me and focus on the event in hand. There must be some learning in that because your mood can change from one of stress and worry to one of calm and relax and get on with it.

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